Planning Applications
Planning Applications

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The Planning and Amenities Committee normally meets every month (with the exception of August, when it will meet only if there is an urgent business requiring attention before the next meeting of the full Council). It usually meets on the first Tuesday in the Council Chamber at the Old School Craft Centre.

The committee considers matters referred to it by the full Council and all correspondence received since the last meeting of the Council, approving any action which may be necessary before the next full Council meeting takes place.

As with meetings of the full Council, there is an opportunity, early in the meeting, for members of the public to ask questions, which the committee will endeavour to answer, but will refer when justified to the next meeting of the Council for consideration. No discussion is allowed.

As a mandatory consultee, the committee will consider and comment upon Planning Applications submitted to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council for land or buildings in the Parish area, communicating its views and recommendations on whether an application should or should not be approved to the District Council. It should be noted that the District Council and its Officers and Planning Committee are under no legal obligation to act on the recommendations of the Parish Council, but as a statutory consultee, it is expected that the Parish Council's views should receive serious consideration and it is generally accepted that they have the benefit of local knowledge.

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